Hey Jack, What Happened to Your Website Thing?

Hello to my lovely Culture Hashers and Hashettes, we’re making a little comeback to writing. For the record this is our second ‘Hey guys, I know I’ve not written anything for ages, but I’ve decided to put some stuff on the internet again’, post.

For people who followed this little corner of the internet you’ll have noticed we dabbled in videos for a few months and then the fully written posts sort of dried up and then everything sort of stopped. What happened?

Well to be honest, I got burned out, it was a lot to film these videos in my bedroom, edit them, listen to the albums; work got really stressful, I moved to South Korea. Life stuff.

You might be surprised that those little videos of me talking to the camera in my bedroom took so much work, but it did! I also watched the bigger YouTubers live their lives like an open wound, act like babies in public, beat each other up for money and I realised that I didn’t want to be like them.

YouTuber Jake Paul knocks out Fury replacement Tyron Woodley
I don’t fancy getting punched by Jake Paul

So yeah, I lost my passion.

I needed a break from my writing responsibilities. Responsibilities was the word too, I felt like I had a second job and I needed to take some time away from writing and filming and have some Jackie time. Turns out that break lasted over two years. But recently I feel like I’ve got my enthusiasm for writing back.

The Future

So what now for Culture Hash?

In short, this website never really had a focus, it’s just a little part of the internet where I write about things I find interesting. I once listened to the album Charli XCX made when she was 14 for a laugh; I play with Lego, I like to think I was one of the first people to realise Justin Bieber had become cool in 2016. I even dabbled in a post about cryptocurrency for reasons that I can’t recall now.

This website has never really had a focus, point or consistency and I don’t think 2023 is the year that I will suddenly create a content calendar and stick to it.

I’m a person who enjoys consuming popular culture and I have thoughts on those, so I’ll just write about that when I feel the urge to. That’s our mission statement for 2023, write stuff I have opinions on and maybe add in the odd joke.

Did I mention that I’ve been living in South Korea for about 18 months now? So far, I think it’s quite different to London – but I could be wrong. Maybe I’ll write something about my life? I’m very aware that few people interested in my personal life, so we’ll do something interesting with it. But Culture Hash will never turn into my online diary.

Have a lovely 2022 and 2023 xoxo

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