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Dunkirk film poster

Dunkirk – A Brilliant ‘War Is Hell’ Movie | Film Review

Dunkirk is the latest big budget World War II film, that opts to join the crowded ‘war is hell’ sub-genre. Christopher Nolan writes and directs a movie that is less about the largely-silent characters and focuses on the loud, frightening world they inhabit.

In a year of great films, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is the latest to garner rabid praise from the critics; a Rolling Stone review argues it ‘May Be the Greatest War Film Ever’. Many believe that this is the first serious contender for the Best Picture Award at 2018’s Oscars.
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How Hip-Hop Turned on Donald Trump

How Hip-Hop Turned on Donald Trump

There was a time when American rap musicians loved Donald Trump; he was regarded as the charismatic ‘billionaire’ celebrity who embodied the aspirational nature of the genre. Many famous rappers came up from a life of poverty to become world famous and rich. Trump was one of many icons who lived a life to envy.

When Trump began campaigning for President of the United States, his bigoted views were exposed before the world. Many who used to glorify his name are now staunch critics of the man in the golden wig.

We’re going to look at how rappers went from calling themselves “the black Trump” to making songs like “Fuck Donald Trump”. We’re examining this genre because many of the artists are African-American and hip-hop is very in-tune to cultural and political shifts.

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The Grimeline

The Grimeline: How Independent Grime Went Mainstream

We’re looking at UK Grime and how the genre has permeated the British chart, creating a time of unprecedented chart success. Interestingly, many of the prominent artists are signed to their own independent labels; finding success away from the major labels.

They have total creative control over their output and have blossomed away from the powerful distribution networks of the big boys. Consider Giggs, who never had an album reach the Top 20 until he went fully independent and hit #2 with Landlord.

We’re going to take you on a journey through the history of the genre and how we got to this stage. But first let’s quickly explain what Grime is:
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Insane Ways Your Internet History Can Be Used Against You

Insane Ways Your Internet History Can Be Used Against You

Your internet browsing habits reveal a lot about your personality. Oftentimes, web browsing is a solitary activity, if someone were to look at the websites you visit it reveals intimate secrets. A good example would be if you were planning to commit murder and Googled the best methods.

Nowadays it is commonplace for internet browsing to be used as evidence in court, almost like a character testimony. You might think that the type of porn you watch is your biggest secret, but that is the least of your worries.
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dont' call it a comeback - ll cool j

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s back!

Yes hello, hello, it’s wonderful to be back with my adoring readers, all ten of you guys. Perhaps this time we can increase the readership to 20.

But the important thing is that I am back and I don’t plan to leave you anytime soon.

The blog is going to receive wholesale changes!

I’ve changed a lot in the past year and so must my blog.

The Seinfeld title gimmickOut – A relic from the days when I used to watch a lot of Seinfeld

Other gimmicks – In – Expect new ones and the return of some old ones. Especially LEGO. Lots of and lots of LEGO. Perhaps even a Bill-Simmons style mailbag. Who knows!?

Consistent dates – In – I am hoping to get a new blog out each Friday. Or maybe more

Yes my friends, the future is a bright and scary place. But stick with me and we can meet its challenges together.