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Welcome to Culture Hash! My name is Jack Kavanagh and this website is a collection of my thoughts and bloggings on popular culture.

This is my corner of the internet and it represents a beautiful hash of all things fascinating in popular culture, primarily, music, sport, film and television.

Hence culture + hash. Good right?

There isn’t really a focus here, we just write things that interest us and worry about the consequences later. We just start by writing some jokes and then think about the overall structure of the post further down the road; I like to think that we follow this mission statement to the best of our abilities every time.

Sometimes, I make videos too over on YouTube, but for the most part, this is a classic blog that harks back to the good old days of the internet’s blog era. Aka scrolling and reading.

I’ve been running this blog on and off for ten years now, which makes it easily the biggest commitment I’ve made in my adult life.

Any inquiries please email