The Drake v Pusha T Beef | Video Breakdown

The Drake and Pusha T came screaming back into the headlines with the release of Push’s latest album, the Kanye West produced Daytona. The album closes with “Infrared” which features an assault towards the Canadian MC, Drake quickly fired back with the “Duppy Freestyle”, which featured several vicious attacks on Pusha.

At this point, many people thought that Drake had won the beef, but they didn’t count on the lyrical skills of Push. He returned with the devastating “The Story of Adidon” which immediately broke the internet thanks to its ferocity and a vicious personal attacks and revelations about Drake. Most shocking of these was the allegation that he fathered a baby with a former porn star and is paying the mother to keep the child secret.

Of course, the world is now waiting to see where Drake can go next with his response. We discuss all of the above and more in this latest video from Culture Hash. It’s been a massive week for Hip-Hop, the biggest shock? That a Pusha T album could so thoroughly outshine A$AP Rocky’s first album in three years:

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