Who Are Hunger Moon?

Hunger Moon are an Indie Pop duo from Birmingham, England who are creating waves with their debut single, “Oh Friend”. The group consists of Natalie Jenkins and James Attwood; it’s strange to think that this lone release represents their entire discography thus far.

The Midlands is currently bustling with several talented musicians and Hunger Moon have been building their fanbase, already having their track featured on BBC West Midlands. Hunger Moon describe their sound as atmospheric Indie Pop, but there is more than a slice of Dream Pop influence heard on the airy, ethereal vocals. The band’s most obvious influences appear to be The xx, Amber Run and Daughter but “Oh Friend” moves far enough from these sources to feel unique.

Hunger Moon

Unsurprisingly “Oh Friend” tells the story of companionship and a relationship “which has been the single constant over the past year despite the changes within our lives, such as quitting our jobs to pursue what we love at university.” 

I love the minimal, spacey sound of “Oh Friend”, combined with Natalie’s haunting vocals, the atmospheric track is best consumed at high volume. The feel of the record and the lyrics suggest that the friendship fell apart as time passed, an experience I think most people can relate to. 

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hungermoonmusic/ 

Twitter https://twitter.com/hungermoonmusic


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