Who Are Our Girl?

Brighton is looking like a hotbed of new talent, with Dream Wife gaining recognition lately, Our Girl seem like the next big thing from East Sussex. Ahead of the 17 August release for their debut album, Stranger Today, Our Girl are embarking on a UK-wide publicity tour.

Our Girl Stranger Today album cover

Fronted by guitarist Soph Nathan, also a member of The Big Moon, Our Girl’s debut EP, Normally, is a thoroughly enjoyable listen. On the inspiration behind the music, bassist Josh Tyler said: “Lots of the songs are about emotional distance – not knowing what someone else is thinking, and how that can make you feel crazy. It can cloud my judgment to the point that shrugging it off as indifference is the easiest thing to do.”

Our Girl are gearing up for the release of Stranger Today, the group are seeing buzz from release of ‘I Really Like It’. This touching slice of Indie Rock builds over four-minutes, with heartfelt lyrics about those nervous feelings you have around someone you fancy but are unsure how they feel back.

Based on the group’s back catalogue Stranger Today will present a refreshing take on the Indie Rock genre, offering great musicianship without sacrificing melody. With the rise of groups like The Big Moon, Dream Wife, Wolf Alice and The Orielles, 2018 is a great time for female-fronted rock bands.

Website –  https://ourgirl.tmstor.es/ 

YouTube –  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOomMR6LUbIYwM9htE4g7mQ 

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/weareourgirl/ 

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/weareourgirl 

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/09Lrr4vGyWxxsuo3lrZW7f?si=2QZc7F1UQXmfUZ_PukzIJQ

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