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Max Dean

Sommber – Interviewing Max Dean on his Directoral Debut

Continuing our series of interview with up and coming creatives, we’ve caught up with my good friend Max Dean to discuss his recent experience directing and writing the play Sommber for the Jump Start Showcase in Worcestershire.

Living in Conservative Britain has proved challenging for people who are passionate about the Arts and as we will learn, Theresa May and company could be doing far more to encourage non-affluent young people to get involved.

But aside from taking [easy] swipes at the government, we are here to discuss the experience of a first-time director and what shaped the experience:

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learning with lego

The Educational Benefits of Lego

When you watch children play with Lego you will see imagination take over and little builders and architects emerge. Many of us played with Lego as children and have fond memories attached to the bright little bricks.

Lego is so easy to play with that young children are able to get involved and make their own models. Also because they are so easy to take apart, it means there is never a mistake you can’t fix. Adults and children love playing with Lego.

Lego has several development benefits for children. These skills, which are learned through imaginative play are important in life.

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How Hip-Hop Turned on Donald Trump

How Hip-Hop Turned on Donald Trump

There was a time when American rap musicians loved Donald Trump; he was regarded as the charismatic ‘billionaire’ celebrity who embodied the aspirational nature of the genre. Many famous rappers came up from a life of poverty to become world famous and rich. Trump was one of many icons who lived a life to envy.

When Trump began campaigning for President of the United States, his bigoted views were exposed before the world. Many who used to glorify his name are now staunch critics of the man in the golden wig.

We’re going to look at how rappers went from calling themselves “the black Trump” to making songs like “Fuck Donald Trump”. We’re examining this genre because many of the artists are African-American and hip-hop is very in-tune to cultural and political shifts.

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