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We are in the golden age of television, there is always something interesting going on with this medium

West Ham fans

Despite TV Money Season Ticket Holders Are West Ham’s Heart

With the recent news of another multi-billion pound Premier League television deal, we have to wonder how important the fans in the stadium are to owners like David Gold and David Sullivan. In modern football, TV money far outstrips matchday revenue, so how important are the season ticket holders? In mid-February, the Premier League sold its TV packages for 2019...

Gunpowder plotters

Offended by Gunpowder? Don’t Celebrate Bonfire Night

Gunpowder, the historical BBC drama series, has sparked controversy due to its realistic and graphic depictions of torture and executions during 17th century Britain. People shouldn’t be upset by this; the English government sanctioned these brutalities against Catholics and it’d be an insult to airbrush the gory details. As a nation, we celebrate the torture and execution of Guy Fawkes...