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Max Dean

Sommber – Interviewing Max Dean on his Directoral Debut

Continuing our series of interview with up and coming creatives, we’ve caught up with my good friend Max Dean to discuss his recent experience directing and writing the play Sommber for the Jump Start Showcase in Worcestershire.

Living in Conservative Britain has proved challenging for people who are passionate about the Arts and as we will learn, Theresa May and company could be doing far more to encourage non-affluent young people to get involved.

But aside from taking [easy] swipes at the government, we are here to discuss the experience of a first-time director and what shaped the experience:

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Chad Hoy - I'm Not the Picture You've Painted in Your Head

Chad Hoy – I’m Not the Picture You’ve Painted in Your Head Interview

We love music here at Culture Hash and I am pleased to have secured an interview with Chad Hoy a talented singer currently based in Texas with a new EP, I’m Not the Picture You’ve Painted in Your Head.

The 5 song EP is an emotive experience, featuring haunting vocals and stories about heartbreak. From the mournful “You Don’t” to the hopeless “Timing” this is a dark tale of missed opportunities and unfinished business. In these misadventures of the heart you can’t help but connect with Chad’s emotional state in his vocals.

We are lucky to have secured a semi-serious interview with Chadley, I admit I was fairly drunk when I sent some of these over. Kudos to Chad for putting up with my drunken ramblings:
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