Our Girl | Stranger Today Album Release Party

On Monday night I attended a great album release party for Our Girl’s debut album, Stranger Today. Taking place at Pickle Factory, part of Oval Space in Bethnal Green it was an intimate venue full of super fans toting arms full of merchandise, likely after seeing the band for the second time that day.

Stranger Today as an album owes a debt to Beach House, seen most clearly in the chord progressions of opening track “Our Girl”.

The stage was filled with smokey lights to immediately set the mood for stoner-inspired Indie. The highlight of the show had to be the riveting performance of their breakout single, “I Really Like It”.

Lead singer Soph Nathan is the talent of the group, coming off the well-received debut from her other project The Big Moon.

Our Gilr album release concert

It was a great show, with a supportive audience and excellent musicianship from the band, even if the sound of the bass guitar was problematic at times.

It had a real celebratory feel, with party poppers being released with aplomb and obligatory party hats worn by the majority of the crowd.

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