The Beginning


Hello, and welcome to my blog! 
My name is Jack Kavanagh, some of you may know me as “The Brain”, due my pub quiz prowess, but I prefer Jack. During my first year of university I noticed that my grades were being held back by my apparent poor writing style, I was stuck and needed a solution to this dilemma. The next day inspiration struck. A blog! The perfect way to improve my writing. I proposed the idea to my friends, who expressed a mild interest in the idea, so I forged ahead.
I decided to write about the two areas that I am most interested in, Films & TV and music. The readers would probably be slightly more interested in my opinions on popular culture than a blog entitled ‘The Great Adventures of Jack Kavanagh’

So here it is, my first blog post. A proverbial toe dipped into the shark-infested waters known as the blogosphere.


Host of Culture Hash, writer of music, TV and film opinions

What do you think?

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