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The artist formerly known as Chipmunk gives us his fourth studio album Ten10, to commemorate a decade in the UK Rap scene. Yes, it’s nearly been ten years since Chipmunk broke out with hits like, “Chip Diddy Chip”, “Oopsy Daisy” and “Diamond Rings”. I feel old.

People laugh at Chip for his relentless pursuit of chart success, but much of it was jealousy. He dropped his debut album, I Am Chipmunk as a teenager, which produced four Top 10 singles. No Grime acts were selling even close to that in 2008, let alone in 2018. While Chip’s difficult second album and failed attempts to crack the American market might raise a smile, he deserves respect.

After a poorly received stint on T.I.’s Grand Hustle label Chip is back to the UK and is looking to return to prominence with Ten10. This experimental project follows the latest trends for the British rap scene, just a glance at the trendy features can tell you about the style of each track.

JME and Frsico feature on a Grime posse cut; Not3s contributes vocals to a modern Rap ballad, while B Young guests on one of many Afrobeat joints. Chip’s experiments with sounds across the UK Rap spectrum and the guests frequently steal the attention from his vocals.

For the most part, the solo tracks are weak, aside from “Good Morning Britain” and “Vampire Life”; Chip feels superfluous on his own project and is constantly outshone by his guests.

Check out full thoughts on Chip’s Ten10 below:

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