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Black Honey are one of the most exciting bands in the UK’s Indie scene, they have built a strong buzz over the past three years with EPs, Black Honey and Headspin. Black Honey is the second self-titled project from the Brighton-band and was worth the wait.

I respect Black Honey for not filling their debut album with songs that we have already heard, as we heard on debuts from Superorganism and The 1975. Instead we get an enjoyable album of mostly new tracks that slips comfortably between various genres.

There’s a cinematic feel to Black Honey with lead singer Izzy B. Phillips feeling like the sassy heroine in her very own B-Movie. The visual lyrics on “Wasting Time” and “Crowded City” conjure vivid imagery.

I love the way these tracks are structured, each possesses a killer arrangement and sticky choruses. Black Honey build on their Indie roots with Electro and some Disco moments and hooks which are pure Pop.

They even enlist the help of Mike Kerr from Royal Blood to co-write, “Into the Nightmare”, with the gloomy lyrics perfectly showing his writing style. The staccato instrumental is one of the heavier on this project and suggests that Kerr might have had a hand here.

Check out our full thoughts on Black Honey’s self-titled debut album here:

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