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The Grimeline

The Grimeline: How Independent Grime Went Mainstream

We’re looking at UK Grime and how the genre has permeated the British chart, creating a time of unprecedented chart success. Interestingly, many of the prominent artists are signed to their own independent labels; finding success away from the major labels.

They have total creative control over their output and have blossomed away from the powerful distribution networks of the big boys. Consider Giggs, who never had an album reach the Top 20 until he went fully independent and hit #2 with Landlord.

We’re going to take you on a journey through the history of the genre and how we got to this stage. But first let’s quickly explain what Grime is:
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jme the very best

JME and the 2015 PokéRap

“Everybody thinks to MC tough / your lyrics must be about negative stuff” – JME


I love hip-hop. It’s a genre with colourful characters who cover a number of hilarious topics. The subject matter is what keeps me coming back. Whenever a new rapper emerges on the scene; they often feel obligated to answer certain character questions about themselves.
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