The XV

Dear Xv,

Firstly I would like to say that I am a big fan of yours. You seem like a down to earth guy and you share my interest in TV and video games. I also find your music quite enjoyable, so overall I am very happy with your musical output. However, I must express my growing concern over your career choices.

Kudos on the artwork

I was recently on your Wikipedia page and I discovered to my absolute horror that you have released 18 mixtapes since 2006.

18 Mixtapes and 1 Album??

 Vizzy, when people judge your career, they will look at your Albums, not the thousands of mixtapes you have released. Yeah, I’m sure that your mixtapes allow you to exercise a level of creative freedom that artists on big labels can only dream of. But you’ve made more than enough. Give us a goddamn album already.


The Kid with the Green Backpack indeed

Smart rappers release mixtapes to build up their buzz and experiment with their sound. Then when they get big-label record deals, they release albums. XV, you are signed to Warner Bros. and seriously how much more buzz do you need before you release an album? If you were to release The Kid With The Green Backpack tomorrow I’m sure it will be moderately successful, so what are you waiting for?


Let’s aim for something like this

Anyway, I am very excited to listen to Popular Culture, if it’s anything as good as the artwork then I am sure it will be great.

Expecting big things young man


J. Kavanagh

Host of Culture Hash, writer of music, TV and film opinions

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