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Lethal Weapon: TV Show vs. Film

We love buddy cop movies here at Culture Hash. What’s better than seeing worlds collide, when the mild-mannered ‘by the books’ cop is paired with a rogueish maverick? The film series that is responsible for defining this sub-genre is Lethal Weapon, where Danny Glover’s restrained Roger Murtaugh is paired with Mel Gibson’s reckless Martin Riggs.

The wild success of their 1987 debut spawned 3 sequels of declining quality, plus an even worse TV show which came out 18 years after Lethal Weapon 4. We’re looking at the TV series and asking whether it’s any good. How do the rebooted version of Riggs and Murtaugh compare to the original? How fun is the action? For answers to these questions and more, join us for the first instalment of the creatively-titled TV Series v Film.

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Citizen Khan studio audience


Well readers, it’s been a very exciting day. I have just got home after a meeting with representatives from both HBO and BBC. Clearly they are readers of my blog who wish to harness the inebriated ramblings of Jack the Scrivener and make great television. I was asked to pitch an idea for a new sitcom and below is a transcript of what occurred in the BBC offices at White City
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