SG Lewis – Dawn | EP Review

Dawn is the third and final instalment of SG Lewis’ debut album, a project that has been released as a trilogy of nightclub-inspired EPs. This creative concept has already seen the singer/producer release the hedonistic Dusk and energetic Dark.

Since April 2018, SG Lewis has been dropping these acts in the form of EPs, which combine to form his long-awaited debut album. While the previous two instalments concerned the start and peak of the night, Dawn seeks to capture those intimate moments as the end of the night transitions into those first rays of sunlight.

The concept throughout this album has been executed flawlessly, however a lot of time has passed in SG Lewis’ career and he appears to be adjusting a new level of notoriety. Consequently, Dawn sees him take his sound in a distinctly more Pop direction, losing some of the edge that made his earlier work gripping. We are seeing more of dreaded Electropop cliches than ever before.

Check out our thoughts on SG Lewis’ Dawn:

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