Eminem – Kamikaze | Video Review

Eminem’s Kamikaze was dropped on an unsuspecting public via a surprise release, and immediately hit number one in the UK Album Chart. The Detroit rapper’s chart success cannot be overstated, Kamikaze helped Eminem surpass Led Zeppelin and ABBA to claim the most consecutive number ones in Official Albums Chart history.

But is Kamikaze a good album?

Anything would be better than 2017’s Revival, one of the worst albums of the year. Thankfully Kamikaze is a slight improvement on this awful project, it features some interesting song concepts. Eminem explores his relationship with D12 on “Stepping Stone”, and sends some shots at Rap contemporaries like Joe Budden and Lil Yachty.

Check out our video review of Eminem Kamikaze below:

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