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Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry warms up before game one of the Finals for the 2017 NBA Playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Oracle Arena

Why I’m a Fan of the Golden State Warriors

I fell in love with basketball during the 2012-13 NBA season, this infatuation was cemented by the wild playoffs and the unforgettable NBA Finals. Following the sport from England required many late night hoops sessions.

When first watching a new sport it is hard to find a team to support. I initially was a fan of LeBron James, recognising the once-in-a-generation talent that carried those Miami Heat teams. But I could never connect with the Heat outside of the players, the fans didn’t have the kind of passion that you could feel through the TV.

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LeVeon Bell v Cleveland Browns

4 Long-Winded Reasons Why American Fantasy Football is Better

The story of a 26 year old adult male who pretends to be a football manager in his spare time

Every year, from September to December the American version of fantasy football takes over my life.

Around 27 million North Americans will spend between $600 million and $1 billion on fantasy football this season. Either buying “inside pro” information on the players and teams or gambling real money on the outcomes.

If you think that’s lame, it gets worse.
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